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Heavyweight Sleeping bag

The heavyweight sleeping bag is perfect for the cooler months of the year. They are made from 100% Australian merino wool in 2 layers. The inner layer is a beautiful unbrushed fleece and the outer layer is a silky jersey. The positioning of the zipper makes it easy to dress and the two-way zipper makes it easy for nappy changes.

Fabric: Inner layer -100% Australian merino fleece wool and Outer layer -100% Australian merino jersey wool




We recommend you:

~ machine wash in cold or warm water with similar colours
~ use normal or wool liquid detergent
~ close zippers
~ dry flat or over clothes line in the shade

We recommend you do not:

~ bleach or napisan Why? It will destroy the fibre
~ soak Why? It may set the stain
~ use fabric softener Why? It will cause build up


It is great that merino is biodegradable.
However, when our merino is not in use for long periods of time we recommend the garment is washed, dried completely and placed in an air sealed bag away from other fabrics and garments.


Blue – Outer Space, Purple – Amethyst, Aqua – Bubblegum


6-18mths, 18-36mths

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