About merino wool

What is superfine merino wool?

Superfine merino is made from the fleece of the merino sheep – and we only use Australian. In order to be classified as superfine the micron count of the individual fibre must be under 19 microns. This grading is industry standard and the term superfine cannot be used by manufacturers unless the garment is made from these grades of wool – but be careful as not all manufacturers adhere to these standards

Do other fibres such as bamboo, hemp and cotton do the job just as well?

Simply put – no. None of these fibres are capable of managing moisture or regulating your baby’s temperature the way merino does. Merino wool comes from the back of the sheep and its purpose is to regulate temperature and move moisture away from the skin of the animal. The other fibres are derived from plants and regulating temperature and moving moisture are basically not problems for plants. Also, plants tend not to be naturally “elastic” so these fibres have to be processed in order to introduce this capability.

Should I allow for shrinkage?

We state that you should allow for 5% shrinkage as with all natural things you can never be sure how each garment is going to behave. However, in our experience it shouldn’t. As long as you wash the garment on a gentle cycle and don’t use soap flakes, detergents or fabric conditioner and then place it on a washing line to dry it should not shrink at all. In fact, our daughter has been using one of our wraps for three years and it still retains its shape.

Will my garments keep their shape?

Yes. Merino is naturally elastic and this allows it to bounce back to the original shape. We know from personal experience that this is not always the case with other materials such as cotton. Some manufacturers are adding synthetics to merino but we don’t and we use multiple suppliers to ensure we don’t have to.

About Ewenique

Why do you only sell online?

Because we are an internet company. If we sell our products through traditional retailers we will have to include their margins in the cost and increase the price to the customer. We would rather deliver a quality product at a reasonable price.

When do you bring out new products?

We will bring out some new things when we come up with some new ideas or designs. Our philosophy is to deliver a range of classic, essential products so we don’t develop new range each year. If you would like to be informed when new products are available please become aVIP.


Can I refund part of my gift voucher?

Unfortunately, we cannot refund any unused amount of the gift voucher. The gift voucher can be used on more than one occasion and any difference between the amount of goods purchased and the credit balance on the voucher and can be paid for via PayPal.