Why Ewenique?
We only use the finest Australian Wool.

We are Australian Made

We are Australian Made and we have the logo to prove it!
Our range is manufactured right here in Sydney Australia –Marrickville to be precise and we pride ourselves in keeping our business solely in Australia.
Some companies claim to be made in their own countries but are they really? ...

We only use the finest Australian Wool

Australia offers the best quality Merino in the world and is in fact used by other countries in their merino range –although they won’t tell you that. Our sheep live in Victoria and they just happen to produce fleece which is magically durable and ultra soft...

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We only sell on-line

How many of us are now happy researching and buying things online – OK, hands down now. The internet is now a fundamental part of our life.
One of the perceptions of Merino is that it is very expensive but by only selling online we can better control the costs of our business...

We believe in merino

We believe in merino and we think you should too. After years of research we believe that Merino is MAGIC and is the safest and most natural choice for your baby. Merino is made up of a combination of sunlight, water and grass –you can’t get more natural than that! We believe that Merino’s protective qualities, climate control and natural stretch make it the safest and best choice for your baby.

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We guarantee our products

We guarantee our products and we are always here to listen. . Our customer service model is simple – if we do not live up to the claims we make send the garment back and we will replace it no questions asked. The only thing we would ask is that you follow the general care instructions provided.

Our Mission

Well it's simple, our mission is to provide parents and care givers beautiful garments that are natural, safe and healthy.