Soft, durable and safe…
a miracle fibre!


Merino fibres have a magical capacity to breathe and control moisture vapour next to the skin. It will absorb and move moist air away from your baby’s body which is then evaporated into the air, making baby comfortable and more likely to sleep longer.

Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer

“But how can this be?” Because Merino is a Magic fibre. It keeps heat and warmth close to the baby’s body when it is cold and moves it away when baby gets hot. It will constantly respond to your baby’s temperature and cater to their comfort needs. Ultimately Merino is the safest choice and lessens the threat of overheating.

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Keeps it Shape

Yes it will!! Merino fibre has a natural elasticity meaning it stretches when your baby moves and then returns to its natural shape even after many many washes. If it doesn’t just send it back!!


Yep there are more magical attributes to Merino. It is odour resistant, stain resistant, fire resistant and protects from the sun’s UV radiation. What more could a mother ask for? Nothing else feels like it, looks like it or performs like it.

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Easy Care

Thanks to Merino’s natural protective layer and resistance to dirt it really is very easy to care for. All of our products are machine washable and dry quickly. Our rule of thumb is if you don’t use napisan, bleach, fabric softeners or soap flakes then your merino will look brand new for years to come. We recommend regular washing and airing as little critters like the common moth love Merino just as much as we do –so if you won’t be using your merino for a while please store in a sealable plastic bag.


Superfine Merino wool is silky to touch and is not itchy or scratchy. Seriously when people feel it for the first time they don't believe that it is actually wool -but it is! and it's amazing to touch.