Why Ewenique helps
your baby sleep… 

Baby is Comfortable

Merino is truly a magical fibre, it keeps heat and warmth close to the baby’s body when it is cold and moves it away when baby gets hot. It will constantly respond to your baby’s temperature and cater to their comfort needs. It's magical capacity to breathe and control moisture vapour next to the skin allows baby not to become sweaty and clammy. If your baby is comfortable then he or she is more likely to sleep through the night -well until he gets hungry anyway.

Baby is Happy

The silky touch of Merino next to the skin makes baby happy! There will be no crying about tags that itch or material that doesn't have any give in it. Merino is recommended for babies with skin allergies -why? Because it is all Natural!! All of it's magical natural attributes makes it the perfect choice for any skin type. It is apparent that if your baby is well rested and happy they are more likely to cry less, feed more and gain weight. So give yourself and your baby the gift of Merino.

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Baby is Swaddled

Newborn babies are often woken from a startle reflex (a spontaneous jerking movement) and this is lessened once your baby is wrapped or swaddled. Our super-sized baby blankets are made from 100 per cent Australian Merino and have a natural stretch mechanism which allows you to swaddle your baby as loosely or firmly as your baby desires -all babies are different and will have there own preferences!! They are extra large because all babies are different sizes and once you're done with wrapping your baby you can give your baby that extra comfort by using it as a blanket in the cot.

Mum and Dad are Happy

As a parent I always feared that I was putting too many or too few clothes or blankets on my babies to sleep and I since I discovered Merino I have never had to fear again. I found it amazing that such a simple thing (dressing my baby in Merino) could allow me to sleep better at night and let's face it if baby is sleeping longer then so is Mum and Dad -everybody is Happy!!!